Couper Family from Dundee, Scotland
William Couper immigrated from Longforgan, Dundee, Scotland, to Norfolk, Virginia, in 1801

  Family Tree Charts
  Leather Bound Book
  Norfolk, Virginia
  Santa Barbara, California
  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Montclair, New Jersey
  Boston, Massachusetts

  MUSIC- My Ain Folk 
  Highland Cathedral (pipes)
  Highland Caledon (songs)

         Horses & Raspberry fields, Firth of Tay, Longforgan, Perthshire, Dundee




                 Huntly Castle                        Couper Tartan

 Loch Tay Wake
(for my ancestors)

The souls along Loch Tay perch patiently
on their cold graveyard tombstones by the waters edge,
munching wild raspberries,
awaiting the return of distant relatives. 
Nearby, horses romp obliviously in the lush green fields
 abandoned during the clearances.