Mildred Cooper Couper (1887-1974)
Music Compositions

Twenty-four pieces from Argentine musician Mildred Couper are available on compact disc (CD) recording.
Many compositions are quarter-tone music, developed by using two pianos tuned a quarter tone apart.

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  Mildred Couper CD content includes the following pieces, with an audio introduction by the composer:
        Read about Quarter Tone Notation
        To listen to or download the piece click on the Underlined Name.

1.  Anacapa Island
2.  Piano 1
3.  Piano 2
        The Nine Muses:
4. Calliope, or Heroic Poetry
5. Erato, o r Love
6. Clio, or History
7. Urania, or Astonomy
8. Euterpe, or Lyric Sone
9. Terpischore, or Dance
10. Polihymnia, or Religion
11. Melponmene, or Tragedy
12. Thalia, or Comedy
13. Irish Washerwoman (variations on piano)
14. Passacaglia (for orchestra)
15. Aboard a Ship's Helm (words by Walt Whitman - partial recording)
16-21. Pippa Passes (partial recording)

17. Pippa-2
18. Pippa-3
19. Pippa-4
20. Pippa-5
21. Pippa-6

22. The Nightingale (Children's story with piano)
23. Dirge, for two pianos, quartertone tuning system
24. Rhumba, for two pianos, quartertone tuning system